Wild Talents Campaign Premise

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The idea:

The basic idea for the game is that it takes place in a world with no superheroes. There might be magical creatures hiding in the shadows or in other dimensions, there might be aliens waiting just beyond the edge of the Solar System, a giant monster sleeping in the eye of storm on Jupiter, maybe Cthulhu sleeps under the waves, and so on. The point is, that if these things are out there, they are unknown.

The players become the first superpowered humans on Earth. The Game starts with a number of PCs in the same location, and an even happens. Maybe a miniature black hole goes through the Earth, changing their DNA, opening up magic to a few people, granting them cosmic insight or some such. On the opposite side of the world, the same thing happens, the people affected here would be the NPCs of the campaign.

So maybe when this event takes place the PCs could find themselves at Stonehenge or another mystically significant location, same thing goes for the NPCs. The game starts out with the PCs only being aware of each other and the general state of the world, in the year 2015.

As for what powerset the PCs would have, it would be entirely up to them, but their power level would be very high, 100 points spent on the base character, and 400 points to be spent on powers. The only limit to these powers would be no time travel powers, with possible other limitations to follow. If they want powers and abilities to give other people powers, either through super-technology, the teaching of magic, genetic manipulation, hyper training or whatever else they can come up with, that would also be allowed.

As for the plot, that would beholden to what the players would do and how the other superpowered NPCs would react to this, and how the people of the world react to the fact that superhumans now exist in their world. So if a PC decides to go into North Korea and liberate the nation without telling anyone, well, that would have massive political ramifications, as would going into a hospital and magically healing anyone with cancer. Off the top of my head, I could see the Korean peninsula going up in a tinderbox if someone flies into Pyongyang  and sets the entire North Korean leadership on fire, or cults to the players glory for healing people with magic. Or they might be seen as the devil.

The opposition is mostly created by the players. Nations, if not allied with the PCs will create programs to fight superhumans, and if they can manage it, create their own superhumans, or salvage technology made by the PCs or so on.

As for the superpowered NPCs, they will have actions of their own. If the PCs form the Avengers, they might form a team of their own for protection and security. Or they could start changing the world on their own, just as the PCs are going to be doing. Of course, plots involving a good old alien invasion, a cult trying to destroy the world, or other such superheroic things will also be a possibility, but for the most part, whatever happens in this world will be something a response to the fact that there are superhumans in the world now.

What is Wild Talents?



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